• Claim Your Rapid Identity/PowerSchool Account

    First, this account is where your official school record (grades and attendance) is maintained. All North Carolina students in grades 6-12 must claim this account when you enter grade 6 or when you enroll in a North Carolina school. You will need the following information to set up this account:

    1. Student User Identification Number (UID) - This is usually known as your lunch number. If you don't know this number, ask your teacher to write it down for you.
    2. Your current grade level - only enter a 6, 7 or 8
    3. Your birth date in the following format: YYYYMMDD; Example: April 12, 2005, should be entered as 20050412
    4. LEA Code – 111
    5. An answer to a security question. Think of one answer and use it for all 10 questions you are presented with. Remember, this answer is important in case you need to recover a forgotten password. So, choose something you will remember!
    6. A password that you will remember until you graduate from high school. It cannot contain the following:
      1. your first or last name
      2. your username (lunch number)
      3. spaces or exclamation point (!)

    Ms. Cathcart recommends setting this password to your Middle Name and year of birth (Example: Dakota2005). This works most of the time and is something you will not forget. You must use at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter and one number in your password. It must be at least 8 characters long. DO NOT use the AMS.#### password for this account.

    This video will show you each step of this process. It is a little old and may not look exactly like the website, but it does give you the basic steps and is helpful for that reason. Check it out with this link.

    Once you set up your account with a password, you will be able to click on the PowerSchool icon  PowerSchool Logo   to see your grades. If you have trouble opening PowerSchool at this point and can't see your grades, please email Ms. Cathcart or visit the Help Desk.

    To find graded assignments, click on a number grade for a particular class to view all assignments and grades for that class. If you do not see a grade for a class, please ask your teacher for help. 

    REMEMBER, the grade you see in PowerSchool is your final, official grade. If this does not match what is in Canvas, that is okay. Your teacher may not choose to grade everything in Canvas, but s/he will always enter all grades in PowerSchool.