• COMMUNICATION BETWEEN HOME & SCHOOL (From the 2020-21 Student/Parent Handbook)


    Parents and visitors are always welcome in our school. All visitors are asked to refrain from disrupting the routine of the class or the child’s learning activity. 

    Safety is an important part of a sound learning environment. To this end we operate under a school safety plan and adhere to system wide and state regulations regarding safety. All entrances are kept locked during the school day. In order to keep our schools as safe as possible, all schools in the district feature a buzz in system at the front entrance as well as a new computerized check-in system in the front office. Visitors will need to check in on the computerized system to obtain a visitor badge before visiting any part of the building or to check a student out early. You may be asked to show your identification when taking a child off campus.

    To ensure the safety of everyone in the building, we ask that parents and visitors enter and leave the building through the front entrance and wear an identification badge at all times while in the building.

    School  tours are made through the office.


    Each year, we partner with PTO to sponsor an open house in order for parents to meet classroom teachers, support staff and the principal. It is an opportunity for parents to learn about their child(ren)'s curriculum, daily routine, and school goals and expectations for the year.


    In the fall, conferences are held so parents can meet with their child's teacher. Parents and teachers meet for approximately 30 minutes to discuss the student's progress and beginning of year assessment data. In addition to this fall conference, parents may make appointments with teachers at other times during the school year as needed.


    You are encouraged to participate in the school by signing up for one of our committees or volunteer opportunities. We need parent assistance with many aspects of the school including organizing fundraisers, PTO programs, the Health Fair, EOG test proctoring,  tutoring, book fairs, Open House as well as organizing volunteers to help with school and class activities. Any volunteer working with children during the school day must fill out required paperwork, including submitting info for a background check. 


    Our school PTO meets monthly and frequently holds events and fundraisers to help support our students and Dickson families. If you are interested in participating, please contact the main office or a PTO representative. PTO representatives are nominated and elected annually. 


    The School Improvement Team (SIT) is also made up of parents, teachers, assistants, and administration. The committee guides decisions on staff development and how local funds may be spent. The team helps to develop a plan to improve student performance. Times for meetings will be determined by the group. 


    We conduct Safe Schools Drills several times during the school year. These drills will be conducted in the same way as our routine fire and tornado drills. As is true with fire and tornado drills, we hope to never have a situation that requires us to use these procedures, however, we must be certain that our faculty and students are familiar with the process. Please contact us if you have safety concerns.


    The Connect-ED System is used to send phone messages to remind you of upcoming events and to share

    important information. Also, visit our website and Asheville City Schools’ website for important updates and reminders. Classroom teachers send home weekly written communication.  


    Adults are reminded: No dog, except a Service Dog, shall be allowed on school property. Additionally, as many children are afraid of unknown dogs, we ask families to respect this request.


    Isaac Dickson Title I Family/School Compact

    Isaac Dickson Parent and Family Engagement Policy