• Isaac Dickson works hard to make appropriate instructional technology available to all classes and to train teachers and staff members to use best practices for technology integration.

    In addition to the classroom technology listed below, the media center curates a collection of technology resources to be used by the whole school.  Our maker space includes a 3D printer; codable robots; Cubetto, a robot for teaching coding skills without screens; Makey Makeys, LittleBits, and a film studio with green screen.

    Each classroom in our building is outfitted with a ClearTouch Interactive Panel, a relatively new evolution of the old SMART Boards that you may be familiar with.  These panels accept ten points of touch at once, meaning that multiple students can be working out problems and interacting with the board at once.  Each ClearTouch panel also has a HoverCam Solo 8 document camera/web camera attached, so that teachers may display books, student work, and other items on the board, as well as video conference with classes from across Asheville and around the world.

    K students share iPads in their classrooms with curated apps that have been selected for just the right balance of instruction and fun.

    1st grade through 5th grade students each have a Chromebook assigned to them for use at school.

    Along with access to technology, we also work with students and teachers to practice positive digital citizenship, which includes internet safety, online/offline balance, learning how to verify sources and spot misinformation online, and how to protect private information.