• Volunteering & Supporting the Media Center

    Learn more about volunteer opportunities and other ways you can support the media center

    You can volunteer in many ways.  What interests you?

    • Book fair--setup, take down, sales
    • Shelving books (the returns cart is always full)
    • Assisting with circulation (checking books in and out)
    • Repairing books that are in our book hospital
    • Being a guest reader
    • Being a guest speaker (Please let me know what career, history, talent, holiday, etc. you might like to share with classes of students)
    • Donating Amazon gift hards to purchase books for our library
    • Donating items needed by the media center (pencils, liquid watercolors, watercolor paper, Folkmanis puppets, AA batteries, Post-it notes, credits from Mr. K's book store, gently used books (for the library or for our end of the year book swap).
    • Pulling K-2 read alouds from the shelves for our Bag of Books program
    • Helping organize books for our spring book swap.
    • Inventory (ongoing, not just at the end of the year)
    • Contact crystal.hendrix@asheville.k12.nc.us