• Ms. Kyles's 5th Grade

    Week in Review

    Reading – Students have been reading independently with a focus on theme.  The theme of a story is the central idea or underlining message that the author is trying to convey.  Ask your student about the theme of the book that he or she is reading.    

    Math – Students continued working on division strategies and ways to notate division problems and solutions.  In addition, students continued practicing double digit multiplication and reviewed ways to add and subtract with three digit numbers.  Students took the unit one assessment today.

    Social Studies – Students learned about Native Americans and Their Lands and began to look at the seven cultural regions settled by Native Americans.  Science – This week we continued exploring weather.  Students added the words radiation, conduction and convection to their vocabulary last week.  This week students read and learned about the water cycle and added the following words to their vocabulary: water cycle, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and ground water.  Ask your student to demonstrate the water cycle for you!

    Writer’s Workshop – This week we continued working on our personal memoirs. Students participated in helping circles. Using constructive criticism and compliments, they encouraged and built each other’s confidence as writers.   

    Mark Your Calendar

    September 22 – PTO 5:30-7:00

    September 24th  – Muddy Sneakers

    September 26th – Parent Teacher Conference day                              No school for students

     Cabell celebrated her 11th birthday on Wednesday


    ** Thank you to Michael, Ruby, Diana for chaperoning Muddy Sneakers on the 24th.

    **Thank you to Hank and his family for providing snack this week and to Ava and her family for providing snack last week.

    **Snack next week will sponsored by Tess and her family.

    Striking a pose as we remember Diana Ross!

    Muddy Sneakers Packing list on the back. Please log into your parent Edmodo accounts.  Links to History Alive test and the water cycle are posted on Edmodo.


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  • The Happenings in Room 4

    Posted by L. Kyles on 9/23/2014 4:58:45 PM

    Students will begin to blog about current events and the happenings in Room 4.  As we continue to strive for excellence as 21st century learners, we will continue to explore ways to incorporate technology with authenticity.  

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