• Philosophy & Curriculum

    Our Vision

    We prepare children for lifelong learning.

    Our Mission

    We prepare children to reach their full potential through developmentally appropriate and family-guided education.


    Preschool Program classrooms use the Creative Curriculum to support every child in becoming a creative, confident thinker.  Daily schedules and lesson plans promote active learning in the classroom and outside.  Classroom centers such as art, music, writing, science, blocks, and dramatic play support progress in all developmental areas.  In addition to classroom centers, Preschool teachers facilitate multiweek learning investigations to explore topics of interest to children, integrating special activities and materialsand exploring questions of the day.  Preschool classrooms also implement Story Acting/Story Telling, supporting literacy development through the daily transcribing and acting out of children's stories.


    Multiage classrooms foster peer learning. Teachers provide a safe and enriching environment that nurtures and facilitates children's learning.  The environment encourages choice, hands-on exploration, and peer collaboration.  Preschool classrooms are licensed as 5-star childcare centers, the highest designation for regulated childcare in the state.  Low teacher-to-student ratios support relationship building and supportive interactions.  


    Teachers use Conscious Discipline and best practices such as the NC Pyramid Model to support social-emotional development and build a school family.  As a program, we partner with families to promote each child's optimal growth and development.  Teachers offer home visits to all families at the start of the year to learn about parents' goals and children's interests.  

Outdoor learning
Licensed, dynamic teachers