• Do I live in the Asheville City Schools district?


    School district boundaries can be confusing at times, especially if this is the first time you are enrolling your child(ren). The following website can provide you with helpful information that will get you an answer quickly. If you still have questions after visiting the site, you are always welcome to call the Magnet School Office for further assistance at (828) 350-6111.




    Directions for use:


    Visit www.buncombetax.org to look up an address to determine if it is located within the Asheville City Schools district.


    On the homepage, “Accept” the user agreement. Click on “All Bills” in the first column and then “Street Name” in the second column. When you enter an address, it is important to follow the required format.


    For example, for the address 90 South Webb Cove Road, you would enter…

    “Number” – 90“Direction” – S“Name” – Webb Cove“Type” – Rd – The system will not recognize the address if you do not enter it in the appropriate format. Some helpful tips: do not spell out the “direction” (use abbreviations S, N, E, W, or leave blank), use abbreviations for the “type” (St, Rd, Ave, etc.), and do not use any punctuation.


    When you find the address, click on the “Bill Number” in the far left column. “Bill Information” will then pop up. You will see a box for “School”. If it says “Asheville School”, then the address is located in the ACS district. If it is blank, then the address is not located in the ACS district.