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    To: All Staff and Parents/Guardians

    From: Amanda Rigsby Transportation Coordinator

    Date: November 14, 2022

    Re: No Buses on Icy Roads


    When Asheville City Schools makes the announcement “No Buses on Icy Roads,” this means that a bus driver should use the best judgment on roads that seem icy. This also means it is at a driver's discretion whether a bus will travel a road they deem unsafe. Asheville City Schools also has a list of roads that are not traveled by bus when that announcement is made by the Superintendent.


    The following roads are the Asheville City Schools’ District roads that a bus will not travel when the decision is made for “No Buses on Icy Roads.”  


    Spooks Branch Rd

    Webb Cove Rd

    Asbury Rd

    Bassett Rd

    Brookwood Rd

    Buchanan Ave

    Carroll Ave

    Faircrest Rd

    Pinecroft Rd

    Robinhood Rd

    Red Oak Dr

    Alexander Dr

    Town Mountain Rd

    Lucerne Ave

    Providence Rd

    Any additional roads that have not been treated by the Asheville Street Maintenance Crew or the DOT.

    Bus drivers that travel the roads listed above should make the students and parents/guardians aware that buses will be unable to travel these roads and give them the closest stop and approximate time the student would need to catch the bus.


    There is no way to anticipate an icy road other than those listed and we are going to trust our bus drivers’ best judgment in those situations. The city of Asheville street maintenance crews, have this list and a more comprehensive list of roads that are vital to us. We have provided the city with a list of roads we feel must be cleared for us to have school. The city of Asheville continues to be supportive in helping ensure those roads are cleared so the best decision can be made on these early mornings. While we may declare it a “No Buses on Icy Roads” day, the city is still clearing these roads we have listed as “no travel” in the hope the parents can safely get their students to an alternate bus stop or school.


    If you want to receive text alerts about Asheville City Schools' closings and delays, please go to www.wlos.com and sign up for the alerts of your choice. Also please use the HCTB app, school code 29240 to track your child's assigned buses. Remember, you must have an active bus assignment for this to work.