• What does it mean when Asheville City Schools makes the statement, no buses on icy roads?

    When Asheville City Schools prompts "No Buses on Icy Roads", that actually means two things. First, it means that a driver is to use their best professional  judgment and not go on any road they see that is icy. What it also means, though is there is a standard list of ACS district roads that we will not travel on by bus, when that call is made by the Superintendent.

    The following roads are the ACS district roads that a bus will not travel on when the decision is made for "No Buses on Icy Roads." This list is in no particular order:

    Spooks Branch Rd
    Webb Cove Rd
    Asbury Rd
    Bassett Rd
    Brookwood Rd
    Buchanan Ave
    Carroll Ave
    Faircrest Rd
    Pinecroft Rd
    Robinhood Rd
    Red Oak Rd
    Alexander Dr
    Town Mountain Rd
    Lucerne Ave
    Providence Rd

    Any drivers who have these roads on their bus routes should make sure that students and their parents on these streets know that the buses will not go on these roads on those days, and they should let the parents/students know what the closest stop is that the bus will pick up, along with an approximate time, so the parent knows where they can bring their child to still catch the bus on those days.

    There is no way to anticipate an icy road other than those listed and we are going to trust our bus driver’s best judgment in those situations. The city of Asheville street maintenance crews have this list as well as a more comprehensive list of roads that are vital to us. We provided the city with a list of roads we feel must be cleared in order for us to have school and they continue to be wonderfully supportive in helping make sure those roads are cleared so the best decision can be made on these early mornings. While we may declare it a “no buses on icy roads” day, the city is still clearing these roads we’ve listed as “no travel” so hopefully, parents can still safely get their students to an alternate bus stop or all the way to school.

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