• Dawn C. Lamb, RN

    MAHEC School Nurse for Asheville City Schools


    First, I am so very Blessed by my Creator with my son Tyler and his son, my grandson, Beniniah,  with my parents , my friends, my nursing colleagues and school staff and students. I must also include my dogs Noah, Ellie Mae and Tommy Toes, my very prolific guppies and my hamster, Lu Lu.   My Blessings afford me countless opportunities to share ABBA’s Love and receive it from others every day. Professionally speaking, the teams I work with at MAHEC and Asheville City Schools are exceptional! They accept my spontaneous enthusiasm, erratic scheduling, tumultuous organizational style and lack of political correctness with endearing grace and often mercy!  

    Second, it’s just history. BS from UGA in Agriculture & Journalism & ADN AB Tech. MMH RN in NICU, PICU, PASU, Peds, Women’s; BCDH Public Health Nurse multiple roles including Child Health Screener, CCHC- Child Care Health Consultant and Preschool/School Nurse.  I’ve been a preschool/school nurse for over 11 years, currently employed by MAHEC.

    Third, Dawn Time! I take DawnTime seriously-like rummaging for treasures at Good Will and consignment shops, volunteering in ministries through my Church-Rapha House, reading all kinds of genre, Green Tea especially Jasmine, Herbs and Herbal medicine, Hiking, The Beach anytime of the year especially in October, and sitting on my porch swing!


Last Modified on August 3, 2018