• Asheville High Freshman Experience (FX)

    Unlike middle school, students are not on a “team” moving to the same classes and teachers as a group.  Students request courses based on course recommendations from their teachers and travel independently throughout the day, all over campus.  Literacy and math coaches work with all of the FX faculty members to help boost reading and writing skills for every FX student.  Research (local, state, national and international) indicates that by locating freshman academic courses close together on the same floor, discipline events decrease.  The proximity also helps the FX teachers plan and meet together regularly.  Communication between teachers, parents and students is strong.  Students are not really separated from the rest of the student body, as they participate in electives and lunch.  Most students are only in the academic 3rd floor area for two periods per day.  Freshmen should note the FX designations on the course descriptions and request the FX version of a course when offered.

    Goals of the Asheville High School Freshman Experience (FX) Project include:

    • To provide a smooth transition from middle school to high school for all new 9th grade students.

    • To build significant relationships between students and teachers.

    • To promote a sense of school pride and enhance citizenship skills.

    • To increase the number of graduates in each 9th grade cohort and lower the AHS dropout rate.