• English Department

    English courses emphasize literature, composition, critical thinking, and vocabulary development. The student’s current English teacher recommends student placement for the following year at a standard level, honors level or Advanced Placement based on the following criteria:

    1. Completion of class and homework assignments;
    2. Preparation for class (textbook, materials, homework);
    3. Willingness to rewrite and retest;
    4. Ability to read interpretive literature independently;
    5. Knowledge of basics of composition.

    Standard-level English courses fulfill the requirements of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, including:

    • Argumentative, informative, explanatory, narrative, and critical (analytical) writing;
    • Research and literary analysis skills;
    • Proficiency in the grammar, mechanics, and conventions of standard written English.

    Honors-level English courses surpass the North Carolina Standard Course of Study as follows:

    • Use more rigorous supplementary readings;
    • Longer, more demanding independent reading assignments, from both the text and supplemental readings;
    • Greater emphasis on student responsibility for reading and studying independently;
    • Faster overall pacing.

    The honors English course fosters intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to generate thought-provoking questions and topics and to research diverse sources. Honors courses require students to work as self-directed and reflective learners, both independently and in groups as leaders and collaborators. Higher level thinking skills are emphasized through interdisciplinary and critical perspectives as reflected in the quality of student performance in oral language, written language, and other media/technology.

    Graduation Requirements in English

    The Asheville City Schools Board of Education has mandated the Graduation Project, a comprehensive research project involving primary research, as a graduation requirement.  

    The English graduation requirements must be successfully completed in sequence.

    1) Successful completion of English I

    2) Successful completion of English II. All 10th grade students must successfully complete the English II End-of-Course test.

    3) Successful completion of English III

    4) Successful completion of English IV. Students enrolled in all levels of English IV must also successfully complete the district-mandated Graduation Project.