• Science Department

    The members of our science faculty believe that our focus is guiding students towards the nature of scientific thought and systems within a free scientific society. Students are permitted to choose courses from our varied offerings to maximize their potential.

    Since we live in a scientific age, our foremost objectives are as follows: 1) to help students understand the application of inquiry using creative thinking towards new or perplexing situations, 2) that scientific findings are in response to a problem or challenge, 3) that scientific knowledge and technological  advances are the accumulative labors of scientists and inventors over time, 4) that science is an ever-changing body of knowledge, 5) that science is an integral part of life and the everyday decision-making process by providing foundations of knowledge while exploring new situations.

    Standard-level courses are based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, including the use of higher-level thinking skills, enrichment materials and reading, writing, and mathematics skills as they apply to science.  Teachers may use many strategies such as guided practice, breaking up assignments into multiple steps, and re-teaching.  Homework is regularly assigned, and one or more research projects may be assigned.

    Honors-level courses are designed to surpass the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.  Pacing is faster, the content is broader, and homework assignments are more extensive and rigorous.  Mathematics and reading skills at or above grade level are essential, and a significant amount of independent reading and studying is expected.  Individual research projects are assigned.  Tests require a greater depth of knowledge, well-developed analytical skills, and the ability to solve mathematical problems.



    Successful completion of:

    1. Earth/Environmental Science or Earth/Environmental Science Honors.
    2. Biology I or Biology I Honors.
    3. Physical Science, Chemistry I, Chemistry I Honors, or Physics Honors.



    Science Sequence Flowchart

    Science Course Flowchart