• Social Studies Department

    Through Social Studies courses, students learn about human activities, both past and present, in the United States and around the globe.  Civics and economics courses develop analytical skills which are crucial for understanding contemporary problems and exercising the responsibilities of citizenship.  World History courses examine the relationship between human societies and the physical environment on which they depend.  History courses place current events in perspective and provide students with a basis for comparison and analysis.

    Standard-level courses are based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, including the use of higher-level thinking skills, primary sources, enrichment materials, Paideia seminars, and reading, writing, and mathematics skills as they apply to social studies.  Teachers use many strategies such as guided practice, breaking up assignments into multiple steps and re-teaching material.  Homework is typically 30 minutes per night.

    Honors-level courses surpass the North Carolina Standard Course of Study as follows:  1) Longer and more challenging text and supplemental reading; 2) More complex and involved analytical written assignments; 3) Greater emphasis on student responsibility for reading and studying independently; 4) Faster content pacing, with curriculum compacting, advanced content, rigor, and extended analytical thinking; 5) A typical homework load of 45-60 minutes per night.



    1. Successful completion of World History9th grade students enroll in World History or the honors equivalent.
    2. Successful completion of Civics & Economics10th grade students enroll in Civics and Economics or the honors equivalent.
    3. Successful completion of American History I11th grade students enroll in American History I or the honors equivalent.
    4. Successful completion of American History II12th grade students enroll in American History II or the honors equivalent.

    Students who elect to take AP United States History in lieu of American History I and American History II must take an additional Social Studies elective to earn their 4th required Social Studies credit towards graduation.