• The Asheville Buncombe Preschool Planning Collaborative set a standard for collaborative learning and planning through a multi-year process to develop workforce, curriculum, and access recommendations to increase enrollment in high quality preschool and make it affordable to more families. ABPPC partners deepened their expertise and commitment to a systemic approach to early childhood that can improve child health, well-being, and educational success. ABPPC’s program and policy recommendations include ways to address equity in enrollment and providers related to race, income, geography, and language. ABPPC’s advocacy helped lay the foundation for Buncombe County’s adoption of a $3.6 million annual early childhood development fund and committee and a new teacher training/workforce development effort across several counties. ABPPC continues to gather stakeholders to support public and private partnerships to increase access and affordability to high quality early care and learning and holistic family supports.


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