• Our continued focus is for our team to support our classrooms by providing resources that discuss social justice and/or racial equity. From participating in the YWCA's "Stand Against Racism Day" to Libro Love to Black Lives Matter at School week, our students have the opportunity to discuss, critically reflect, and share their thinking in order to develop the whole learner. 

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    In 2014-15, during Family Voices, teachers worked with students to create self portraits using collage art techniques. Their work was put together to create a large wall mural, which is displayed in the media center. Our goal was to have art that represented all of our students and how they view themselves. This project was in response to a messaging disparity our staff identified, where students of color are not often represented in books or artwork. 

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    In Spring 2019, our 3rd graders completed a great social studies lesson on local community with the support of all specialist teachers. 3rd graders completed research and participated in a Hood Huggers tour with DeWayne Barton. With their research, they created new monuments to commemorate the lives and contributions of four local leaders of color: Edward W Pearson, Tempe Avery, James Vester Miller, and Isaac Dickson. They worked hard to create murals, sculptures, poetry, videos, and songs and presented them to our Claxton community. After their presentations, Mr. Barton also asked permission of the artists to use their work in a local performance, "The Warp and the Weft." This unit is a perfect example of how educators can take the NC Social Studies Standards and the Learning For Justice Social Justice Standards to provide a meaningful exploration of local community. Check out their poetry performance and their original song titled, "Affrilachian Alphabet Song" in the YouTube playlist below.