• In 2017, 472 community members completed the Superintendent Survey as prepared by the North Carolina School Board Association.  By creating an in-house survey that sought and encouraged participation as well as allowed users to offer honest feedback, Asheville City Schools had more than a 100% increase in the number of parents, alumni and community members who participated in our 2019 Superintendent Search Community Survey.  In fact, 1,020 community members ensured their voices were heard.  

    Of those 1,020 community members, 859 self-identified as parents; 807 are residents of the Asheville City Schools district, and 798 are community volunteers.  Additionally, we received responses from 191 alumni as well as active participation from local business owners, elected officials, retirees and 25 current students.

    The 2019 Superintendent Search Community Survey was open June 24th - July 28th, 2019.  An analysis of its results, which can be found below, was presented to the Asheville City Board of Education on Monday, August 5th, 2019.

    As a reminder, our Superintendent Search Staff Survey is open for a few more weeks.  Therefore, its results will be presented in September 2019. Additionally, Asheville City Schools is crafting separate student surveys with age-appropriate questions to ensure our most important stakeholders, and reasons why we are all ultimately here, are able to share their opinions on what they most desire in our next long-term leader.