• Enrollment/Persepctive Students

    If you are a newly enrolled student or are considering AHS or SILSA, please browse the schools' websites to learn more about our course offerings, athletics, extracurriculars, and servcies.

    Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Students

    • How do I enroll? Enrollment is now online! Click here for all enrollment information and to access the online applications. All enrollment questions should be directed to the Enrollment Office at (828) 350-6111.


    • How do I find a list of available classes? Click here to access the Course Catalog. Pick your school and grade level and the core and elective choices will come up. You can also filter by department.


    • How can I find a list of graduation requirements? Click here


    • Can a Counselor tell me what classes I need? Once your enrollment application has been approved and processed, a Counselor will audit new rising 10th-12th grade transcripts and input the course requests you select. Please fill out the course registration form using the Course Catalog and list of graduation requirements as best as you can, selecting which core academic classes you need, which levels (standard, honors, or AP) you want, and which electives you would like. A Counselor will contact you if there are any questions or concerns with your selections. 


    • What if I have high school credits from middle school? During enrollment, you will provide a transcript from your middle school. Your transcript must show the course name, grade earned, and high school credits earned in order for you to be placed in the next class. Those credits and grades will be reflected on your high school transcript, but high school credits earned in middle school will not be calculated into your GPA or class rank.


    • What rigor/level of courses (Standard, Honors, AP) should I take?  Ask your current School Counselors and teachers what level they recommend you take. All SILSA classes are automatically honors or AP level.


    • Can I take two math courses (i.e. “double-up”) in one school year?  We do not recommend doubling up on math during freshman year unless you are sure you want to take advantage of all of the high level math courses we offer, such as AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, and/or dual enrollment courses. We recommend taking a math every year, including senior year, so we do not recommend doubling up on math early to try to finish math requirements early. Please note that higher level math classes are based on availability and scheduling prioirty is given starting with graduating seniors.


    • Should I take Biology during 9th grade? Biology Honors is required for SILSA. However, for AHS, Earth and Environmental Science in 9th grade is required. We only recommend Biology Honors for freshmen at AHS if you’re sure you want to take AP Environmental Science later on in high school. Please note that higher level classes are based on availability and scheduling priority is given starting wth graduating seniors.