• Liza English-Kelly

     Liza Kelly


    Ms. Liza (known to many as Ms. Kelly) is in her fourth year as an assistant guide at Asheville Primary and she is excited to embark upon her first year in lower elementary - she is eager to work with some of her former kindergarteners and to connect with new friends and their families! She is passionate about science and the natural world and language. Ms. Liza has received her assistant guide certification as well as certifications in trauma and resiliency, mindfulness for children, and Conscious Discipline among others - she is a lifelong learner and is deeply committed to her students and her ability to best serve them and their families. She spends much of her free time outdoors running, learning about micro-homesteading through trial and error, and hanging out with her family and their many animals. She is the yearbook editor for Asheville Primary and enjoys finding ways to keep her creativity flowing.