• ACS Career Development



    Career development is a process that involves students, parents, teachers, counselors, and the community. The goal of a Career Development Coordinator is to help students make good decisions about themselves and their future.

    Career Development Coordinators collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and employers. We hope to accomplish this in middle school by introducing the students to interest inventories, job research, college research, guest speakers from the community, as well as participation in visits to local businesses and industry. These activities are continued in high school, along with opportunities for internships, career fairs, and other work-based learning activities.

    We hope that by the time these students leave middle school, the information we have discussed will not only help direct them with high school decisions, but also with their post-secondary decisions. Ultimately, the goal is to help students learn more about themselves in order to make good decisions as they navigate high school and beyond.



    Darrell Clark - Career Development Coordinator

    Asheville High and SILSA



    Office: AHS-CTE 400 Hall


    Michael Luther - Career Development Coordinator

    Asheville Middle and Montford North Star



    Office: AHS-CTE suite 506