• An internship is a work-based learning experience where a student participates in the daily operations of a work site under the direct supervision of a business mentor. The internship provides a realistic environment in which a student intern learns about a particular industry or occupation and applies knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. The work experience should contribute to the student's career pathway helping the student to narrow their career choices. Internships can be paid or un-paid.

    An internship is just like any other class at AHS/SILSA in that there will be assignments given through Canvas, attendance will be taken, and expectations will be set. The class will be in a students Power School like all other classes.

    Students may choose to do an internship as a regular credit or as an honors credit.

    If you are interested in doing an internship please contact Mr Justin Polizzi at justin.polizzi@acsgmail.net or 828.350.6273