• ACS Title IV Budget

    Student Support and Academic Enrichment is outlined in our Title IV budget. For 2021-2022 we have a combined total of $69,500.00 to support the three designated areas:

    1. Well-Rounded Education (30%)
      • Art Education
      • STEAM Labs/Education
      • Arts Enhancement
    2. Safe and Healthy Schools (30%)
      • Social Emotional Screener
      • MTSS: Tier 3 Supports
      • Racial Equity Institute
      • SEL Professional Development
    3. Effective Use of Technology (35%)
      • Collaborative Digital Learning Development
      • Instructional TechnologyTraining for new staff
      • Professional Development Supplies and Materials

    For more information about Title IV Funding, please contact Sarah Cain, Director of Federal Programs at 828-350-6193 or sarah.cain@acsgmail.net