Targeted Support and Improvement Schools (TSI) Comprehensive Support and Improvement Schools (CSI) 2021–22 Identification Lists

  • Asheville City Schools Targeted Support and Improvement Schools (TSI) Determined by the Dept of Public Instruction for 2021-2022:

    • Hall Fletcher Elementary
    • Isaac Dickson Elementary
    • Claxton Elementary
    • Ira B Jones Elementary
    • Asheville Middle
    • Vance Elementary
    • Montford North Star Academy


    Identifying Comprehensive Support and Improvement and Targeted Support and Improvement Schools

    The United States Department of Education (USED) and the North Carolina General Assembly granted the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction a waiver from administering the statewide assessments required by federal law and from School Performance Grade reporting. Based on the waiver from the USED school designations from the 2019–20 school year, identification must remain in effect; therefore, the annual identification of Targeted Support and Improvement-Consistently Underperforming (TSI-CU) was not applied and the list remains the same for the 2020–21 school year.

    Additionally, the Targeted Support and Improvement-Additional Targeted Support (TSI-AT), Comprehensive Support and Improvement-Low Performing (CSI-LP) and Comprehensive Support and Improvement-Low Graduation Rate (CSI-LG) schools remain the same as there were no identification or exit criteria applied to these lists and the federal waiver requires the lists to remain the same for the 2020–21 school year.

    Note: Since the identification of TSI-AT, CSI-LP and CSI-LG schools in 2018–19, some schools may have closed, changed configuration or consolidated with other schools making them ineligible to remain on these lists. Some schools have changed names but remain identified for support. Changes are noted in the tables when these situations have occurred. Schools no longer eligible have a strike through and note indicating why the school is no longer eligible. Name changes are noted on the line with the previous name struck through.