• Articulated Credit

    Regional Articulation in Career and Technical Education (RACE)

    Articulation Agreement

    While high school can be a big adjustment, approach everything positively.  Instead of just going through the motions, think not only about the present but the future as well.  Whether you choose to attend a community college or four-year university, serve in the armed forces, or enter into the work world, decisions made today will impact your tomorrow. 

    One of the ways to accomplish this is by taking advantage of the opportunity to earn articulated college credit while you are in high school.  This is a great way to build a post-secondary transcript.  Credit offered through this RACE agreement may be available at community colleges throughout North Carolina. Locally, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (A-B Tech) has recognized this program as a seamless transition between high school and college.  

    Earning articulated credit is easy!  Here’s how it works.  A student:

    1. Registers for a Career-Technical Education class while in high school;
    2. Earns an 90 or above on the CTE Post Assessment;
    3. Makes a B or better in the class;
    4. Completes an A-B Tech or BRCC application within two years of high school graduation.

    It’s that simple!

    How is this a benefit?  Consider these scenarios.

    Scenarios #1 - Just imagine, you are sitting in your Personal Finance class as a freshman, and thinking, “What am I doing in here?”  You could simply do your work and just get by or you could make a B in the class, score 90 or above on your end of course test, and be eligible for articulated college credit.   (Not only are you gaining a skill, but also you have just saved your parents the cost of one college class.  You do the math!

    Scenario #2 - During your junior year you decide to take Early Childhood Education at your high school. Again, it’s up to you.  Either sit around and get by or by making a B or better, scoring a 90 or above on your end of course test, you could be eligible for 9 credit hours at a community college.  (Ex. If college tuition for each course costs $76.00 per credit hour and the student earns 9 credit hours, the savings would total around $684.00.) Now that’s a big savings!

    Ask CTE teachers, administrators, counselors or your Career Development Coordinator for more information.  Get in the RACE!

    Classes are eligible for articulation only when the articulation agreement is in place.  (IE, no grandfathering past classes)

    Gray shading used throughout the document indicates the courses included in our local RACE agreement.  Courses in white are part of the statewide agreement.

    Upon graduating from high school and enrolling in a North Carolina community college, a college admissions director may reevaluate articulated credit as appropriate for the student’s major.