School Bus Eligibility

  • Address changes are only processed at your students' assigned school. Asheville City Schools will provide transportation to/from your home address for students in the assigned district. Out-of-district students are not eligible. We do not offer convenient stops or stops at parents/guardians' places of work. Students can only ride a bus to addresses/contacts listed in their PowerSchool Accounts. Any stops not to and from the student’s home to approved ACS daycare or programs are subject to available space/capacity on that bus. Any stops, including daycare, where students are not domiciled, will not be assigned during the first ten days of school OR until ALL in-district students have been located and bus capacity audits are completed. It is important that you maintain an accurate residence address for every student attending school.

    Alternate Stop Request other than home address:

    An alternate stop request would be any stop other than the one based on the student’s residence. This would include licensed daycare and/or relative addresses. Transportation for alternate stop locations will be provided within the student’s school boundaries.   Only those students eligible for transportation may request these transportation arrangements. Please note that transportation services will not be granted to locations such as public businesses (e.g., a parents’ workplace, non-ACS after-school activities, or student workplaces). 
    All address requests must be on the students' contact list in Power School. 
    The Transportation Services Request Form can be found on the ACS Transportation Page.