Lucy S. Herring Construction Updates and FAQ

  • LSH School Logo
    We appreciate our ACS community's understanding and cooperation as we work to complete critical renovations to Lucy S. Herring (LSH) while ensuring the safety of our students and staff. We are here to support families and to ensure a smooth transition process for our students. We are deeply grateful to our LSH educators and staff for their dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to our students. 

  • Stakeholder Team Meetings 

    A team of Lucy S. Herring representatives including Principal Jamerson, Assistant Principal Gibbs, educators, parents, and ACS district representatives has been assembled to: 

    1. Review construction plans from Vannoy Construction
    2. Review feedback from all stakeholders
    3. Design and adapt plans to mitigate the effects of construction on instruction at LSH
    4. Provide regular updates to the LSH community

    Please see below for periodic progress reports related to construction on the Lucy S. Herring Elementary School campus. 


    Preliminary Site Utilization Plan

  • Construction Updates as of April 15th, 2024

    • Scope of work and timeline are continuing as planned: 

      • Owner-Architect-Contractor (Buncombe County, ACS, and Vannoy) meeting occurred last week; construction timeline is ready to launch as expected.
      • The team reviewed the construction phases and breaks on the ACS School Calendar; most transitions between phases work well with breaks scheduled in the calendar. 

    • Scheduled to start staging for construction in late May, beginning with the Softball Field:

      • Security fence is going to be delivered & installed within the next month.
      • Coach Dingle knows that this will not impact Field Day.

    • Clear plans of support for staff are being finalized to aid in the classroom moves throughout the construction period: 

      • April Dockery, ACS Chief of Operations, reports that there are support plans being developed for teachers, especially as they’re moving classrooms. Ms. Dockery is assembling a team of volunteers to support teachers in packing and will have all packing supplies readily accessible for teacher use. 

    • School Nutrition has been included in planning for any possible delays in construction that might impact preparing meals:

      • Should any delay occur that impacts cafeteria construction, Chartwells is prepared to deliver meals to campus as needed. Chartwells is also prepared to conduct deep cleaning as necessary during and after construction to prepare the cafeteria for service. 

    • Kindergarten Jumpstart will not be held at Lucy S. Herring in July:

      •  Kindergarten Jumpstart will be held at Hall Fletcher instead of LSH solely due to potential uncertainties during this phase (potential for no A/C, no water, etc during various stages of construction).

    • Parks & Recreation has decided to move their after-school programming to another site - they will inform those 27 families this week and give them an option of another site (they intend to bring their program back to LSH once construction is complete).