• AMS Cougar Sports FAQ

    Q. What sports are offered during each season?

    Fall sports: Football, girls' volleyball, boys’ soccer, boys and girls' Tennis, boys and girls' Cross Country.

    Winter sports: Boys and Girls' Basketball, Wrestling.

    Spring sports: Boys and Girls' Track and Field, Girls’ Soccer, Boys and Girls' Golf, Baseball and Softball.


    Cheerleading takes place in the fall and winter seasons.


    Q. Who can participate in AMS sports?

    Only 7th and 8th graders can participate, but some sports allow for 6th graders to help manage the team. Please reach out to the appropriate coach if your child is interested in being a 6th grade manager. Only ACS students can participate in the AMS sports program, which includes Montford North Star Academy students. 


    Q. How much does it cost to participate in AMS sports?

    A. Nothing. If a sport requires the purchase of a uniform (cheerleading), ample fundraising opportunities will be provided.


    Q. What should my child do if he/she wants to participate in a sport?

    A. Sports announcements are made during daily announcements at school. Make sure your child listens for meeting times and places, as well as reaches out to the coach if they have any questions. Also, the AMS Facebook page lists frequently updated sports information. If your child wants to manage a team, he/she needs to contact the coach directly. All coach's emails can be found on the Contact your Coach and Athletic Director page. 


    Q. What does my child need to participate?

    Your child must have a current physical in order to practice. Physicals expire one year from the date they were issued. AMS keeps physicals for one year from the date of issue in the front office, as well as with the Athletic Trainer. Please keep a copy of your physical before turning it in to the school for your own records. Some sports require specific gear. Speak with the coach of the team to determine what is needed and what will be provided by the school.


    Q. Where can I get a physical form?

    Download the form here. You can also pick up a physical form at our front desk. Please use our physical form as it contains additional information than simply the physical examination results.


    Q. How do I find out about practices, practice times, games schedules, etc?

    We highly recommend meeting your child’s coach! Get your coach’s contact information to communicate directly with them. You can also contact the Athletic Director for information. 


    Q. When should I pick my child up from practice?

    Each sport has a different practice time, so check with your coach to determine the end of practices. Each coach will facilitate a team meeting with parents and families once a roster is finalized. You MUST have your child picked up within 30 minutes of the end of practice. If your child is not picked up within 30 minutes, he/she may become ineligible to participate in future sporting events.


    Q. How will I know if a practice or game has been canceled due to weather?

    Facebook will be the first place we post weather-related sports announcements. We will also make announcements to the entire school when weather forces us to reschedule a game or cancel a practice. When we do, we allow students to use phones to call home to make other arrangements. 


    Q. How will my child get to the sports games that are away at other schools?

    AMS provides bus transportation to and from nearly all sporting events. Occasionally, if we are short on buses, smaller teams like cheerleaders will be dropped off at the events and parents will need to make arrangements to get the students home.


    Q. What time do the games end?

    It varies, depending on the sport and the outcome. Many sports have “overtime” sessions to determine a winner if no one has won during regular time. Also, teams travel to distant schools making the return time difficult to determine. We encourage parents to speak with their children to determine a communication plan for sporting events as we may not be able to forecast an exact pick up time.


    Q. Will my child have to try out for a team?

    Most likely, yes. Middle school sports are competitive. While our coaches will work with all our student-athletes to build skills and grow individually, we like to win! This is always a difficult process and we are aware of this. It will be important for you to speak with your child about the possibility of not making a team before they try out. Currently tennis, cross country, golf, and track do not have tryouts. The ability to compete in games or matches will be based on an individuals’ performance during practices.


    Q. When do the seasons begin and end?

    Fall sports start in August and end around the last week in October.

    Winter sports start around the middle of November and end around the end of January.

    Spring sports start around the beginning of March and end around the middle of May.


    Q. Who should I contact at the school for more information?

    Blair Johnston is the Athletic Director. You can reach him by email at blair.johnston@acsgmail.net