• Parking, Drop-Off & Pick-Up

    There are three entrances from Hill Street to the Isaac Dickson campus.  The highest entrance on Hill Street (A) is for busses and staff parking only.  The next entrance down (B), beside Hill Street Baptist Church, is for staff and parent parking.  The lower entrance (C), across from the entrance to the Hillcrest neighborhood, is for car-rider drop-off and pick-up.

     IDES Parking Map

    Morning Drop-Off


    Students need to be in their classrooms by 8:00 or they are considered tardy.  If you are planning on driving your kids to school, follow these guidelines.


    If you plan on letting your kids out of the car to walk in by themselves, please use the lower entrance and go through the car-rider loop.  If you are the front car, please pull as far around the loop as you can so that as many kids as possible can exit their cars at the same time.  While this line looks long, it goes quite quickly as 8 cars at a time can unload.


    If you plan on walking your kids into the building, please park in the parent parking lot (B).  Please use the sidewalks to get into the building instead of cutting across traffic in the car-rider loop.  DO NOT use this parking lot to let your kids out of the car unattended in order to circumvent the line in the car-rider loop.  It creates a safety hazard.


    After School Pick-Up


    On a typical day, Bus-riders are dismissed at 2:30.  Car-riders and walkers are dismissed at 2:35.  It is best practice to make sure your children know how they are getting home every day BEFORE they come to school.  We understand that sometimes plans change, and will do our best to relay messages to teachers and students.  However, please understand that sometimes those last minute changes result in students going on the bus or waiting in the car-line when should do the opposite.


    If you are planning on parking your car and walking in to the building to pick up your student, we label that student a “walker.”  Walkers go the gym after school.  Please park in the parent lot (B) and walk around the right side of the building.  Enter the gym door, and speak with the adult in charge to check out your student.


    If you are driving up for your child to get in the car, we label your student a car-rider.  Please follow these guidelines to keep all of our students and safe, as well as to ensure efficient loading of students.  While this line can seem long and daunting, after a few days of school, we often clear the car-rider line in 10-15 minutes from the time we start.

    • Please have the sign we provide you on the driver’s side dashboard of your car EVERY day when you come through the car line, and leave it displayed until your child is in the car.  A staff member will walk down the car line and relay names on a radio to staff members up by the school.  If we have to stop and talk with you to figure out which student you’re picking up, and if you’re on the approved pick-up list, this can slow the line down.
    • Please pull all the way forward when you reach the area where students are waiting.  You may see your child’s teacher or classmates in one area — don’t stop.  Your child will be waiting for you when you pull all the way around.  We understand the turn is tight, but please pull as close the car in front of you as you can to help us load more cars efficiently.
    • Please DO NOT PASS other cars in the car line, even if your student is already in the car.  It is not safe.  There are staff members in the street and there are some students that load on the driver’s side of their vehicles.  Your patience will help keep everyone safe.
    • Please stay in your vehicle at all times.  Teachers will be on hand to help kids into cars.  If you need to assist your child in buckling his/her car seat, please pull forward to the “no parking” sign at the front of the loop before stopping your car.  This way, you will not block the car line from proceeding.
    • If for some reason your child isn’t there when you arrive at your loading spot, pull all the way forward to the “no parking” sign at the end of the loop.  Chances are we’ve already sent someone to look for him/her, but either way, an adult will come check on you.
    • If you will have someone else pick up your child, please make sure that you’ve communicated with the front office and put that person’s name on the list of adults that are allowed to pick up your child.  Please ensure that those people, especially grandparents, understand the guidelines above and can help our line be safe and efficient.
    • Please do not walk to the car-line to pick up your child or have an impromptu conference with a teacher.  The teachers in the car-line are there to supervise the safe dismissal of students and should not be distracted.  Remember, if you are getting out of your car to pick up your child, your child is a “walker” and should be in the gym.