Multi-Tiered System of Support

  • A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a multi-tiered framework which promotes whole school improvement through engaging, research-based academic, social/emotional, and behavioral practices. 

    Asheville City Schools uses the Multi-Tiered System of Support framework to ensure students are engaged in relevant and rigorous learning in all content areas by:

    • providing differentiated, standards-based core instruction for the growth of all students, including remediation, acceleration, and enrichment, guided by formative and summative student data

    • providing students with appropriate tiers of targeted instruction and systems of support in addition to core instruction

    • using student data, including progress monitoring, to make Personalized Educational Plans (PEPs) to ensure students make progress towards grade level expectations

    • analyzing exceptional children’s data by coordinating with the EC department to implement proactive measures to appropriately serve all students

    • collaborating in PLCs to turn data into useful and relevant information ensuring student growth and learning;

    • ensuring all students have access to rigorous core curriculum rooted in grade-level or content standards

    • developing lesson plans that provide clear learning objectives, foster higher order thinking, and align to current, research-based best practices;

    • explicitly teaching students close reading strategies and writing with evidence across all content areas K-12

    • supporting student discourse and questioning; and

    • explicitly teaching and using common and consistent high-frequency and domain-specific academic vocabulary within and across grade levels

    Adapted  from ACS PreK-12 Instructional Frameworks