Testing and Accountability

  • In North Carolina, standardized testing is an integral part of the educational experience for all students.  When the integrity of the testing program is maintained, results generated from the program are valid.  The Testing and Accountability department is responsible for the administration and reporting of scores for all state-mandated testing, including End-of-Grade Tests, End-of-Course Tests, PreACT, ACT, ACT WorkKeys, State Identified Language Proficiency Testing, and Alternate Assessments.

    Directed by our Regional Testing Coordinator, the department scans, scores, analyzes, and reports test scores to the Department of Public Instruction, local schools, administrators, and teachers. The Department of Public Instruction uses our data to calculate our status on two accountability measures: Performance Composite, and Growth. The schools distribute these results to students and parents or guardians.

    2023-24 ACS Assessment Calendar

    NCDPI Family Guide to Assessment - PDF

    NCDPI Family Guide to Assessments - VIDEO



    Ian Nelson

    Director of Testing and Accountability & ML Coordinator