• Superintendent's Message

    Dear Students, Families, and Community:

    Serving as the superintendent of Asheville City Schools has been one of the many highlights in my educational career. It is an honor and privilege to serve as the district leader.

    My vision for Asheville City Schools is to provide a rigorous learning environment for each child that personalizes learning. We will focus on helping each child develop by meeting their social, emotional, mental, physical, behavioral and academic needs. We want our students to participate in experiences to learn and discover leadership skills so they can thrive in college and in their career.

    My vision will thrive through our CORE Principles. First, it is important that we display a Positive attitude. When we are focused on setting and reaching goals, this will only serve our students best. Secondly, being Professional is extremely important. Our goal is to treat all of our students, staff, business partners, community leaders, families and all stakeholders in a manner that leads towards even more collaborative efforts. Next, we must be Problem Solvers. We face daily challenges and seek ways to make improvements for success. Collaboration is key. In order to ensure a successful school district, it is imperative that we collaborate with our schools, community, and stakeholders. If we are Positive,Professional, Problem Solvers who Collaborate, we can achieve Excellence.  

    This year we are preparing for the AdvancED visit which will take place in April 2018. Our district will be reviewed by a team of educators from outside of our district. The overall quality of student instruction, school climate, and district improvement will be reviewed. Feedback will be provided so that we can set goals to continue to ensure success.

    As we adhere to our Strategic Plan, our continued focus areas are Excellence with Equity, Preschool, Academic Achievement, Whole Child, and Allocation of Resources. We want to provide our staff and students with equitable resources and optimal growth opportunities for success. Furthermore, our aim is to provide as many preschool opportunities as possible. We want our students to participate in early learning preschool experiences and programs. This will assist with the transition to elementary school. Academic achievement is at the forefront as well. We want to continue to increase our graduation rate as we focus on the whole child emphasizing social, emotional, academic, behavioral, and mental health needs. Finally, we are constantly reviewing our budget to ensure that we are hiring highly qualified personnel and purchasing appropriate resources to enhance learning.

    Thank you for your support as we continue to learn, discover, and thrive through excellence in Asheville City Schools.

    Educationally yours,

    Dr. Denise Q. Patterson, Superintendent

  • Office of the Superintendent

    Dr. Denise Patterson, Superintendent


    Kimberly Jones, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent