• Transfer/Reassignment within Asheville City Schools

    Approval of all transfers and reassignments requests are dependent upon the space, capacity, and resources at the requested school. Notwithstanding the assignment processes described below for in-district and out-of-district students, the Superintendent shall reserve seats necessary to comply with the criteria mentioned in Section C of this Policy. The Superintendent shall take such reserved seats into account when determining that a school is at or over “capacity” pursuant to Board Policy 4150

    Request for Reassignment Process

    Parent/guardians who are unsatisfied with initial school placement may complete the Request for Reassignment Form within 10 days of initial school assignment notification.

    The superintendent and/or designee will review the request, make a final determination, and send written notice to the parent/guardian within 10 days of receipt of the request.

    Request for Student Transfer

    Current Asheville City Schools students who wish to transfer from one school to another may complete the Student Transfer Request Form. Forms must be submitted during the open enrollment window of the preceding school year. 

    As outlined in Board Policy 4150, transfers of students may only be submitted during the school year for the following reasons: 

    1. Unsafe School Choice Transfer under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Transfers for students who are victims of violent criminal offenses at school or for students attending persistently dangerous schools as defined by State Board of Education policy will be made pursuant to policy 4152, Unsafe School Choice Transfer.

    2. Transfer of Homeless Students

    Students who become homeless between academic years or during an academic year may request to remain at the school of origin for the duration of their homelessness or may request to be enrolled in any public school that other students living in the same attendance area are eligible to attend. Any decision about the transfer or reassignment of a homeless student will be consistent with legal requirements and based on the student's best interest. (See policy 4125, Homeless Students.)

    3. Transfer of Students in Foster Care

    Students who are assigned to foster care between academic years or during an academic year will remain in their school of origin unless remaining in the school of origin is not in the best interest of the student. The best interest of the student will be decided based on all relevant factors, including consideration of the appropriateness of the educational setting and proximity to the school in which the child is enrolled at the time of placement in foster care.

    4. Other Transfers

    The Superintendent shall consider student requests for transfer to another school during the school year based upon space availability, the needs of the child, the effect on the school to which transfer is requested, principal recommendations, and other criteria deemed relevant by the Superintendent.