Asheville Primary Anti-Bias Anti-Racist (ABAR) Statment



    APS recognizes that biases are inherent in our world. These can include biases for or against racial/ethnic backgrounds, culture, language, gender expression, sexual orientation, family structure, cognitive or physical ability, economic class, and religion. We recognize that every person—staff, parent, child—at APS experiences privilege and oppression differently. It is our duty as Montessori educators to prepare our staff and environment to provide an inclusive space for every member of our community.  APS is committed to taking a proactive approach to eliminating biases and/or racism in our environment. To that end, APS is committed to:

    • Engage in yearly ABAR training for all staff members

    • Recognize the biases and privilege that permeate our interactions with families, staff, and children

    • Support each other in understanding and dismantling our personal biases and privilege

    • Restructure our systems to eliminate barriers to accessing quality education

    • Incorporate lessons that teach how to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate our students, staff, and family differences

    Anti-bias/anti-racism work is ongoing due to the changing nature of a school community. It focuses on uplifting individuals to be proud of their uniqueness while honoring other individual’s differences. APS is dedicated to integrating ABAR education at all levels of the school community.