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  • Superintendent’s Office:

    Dr. Maggie Fehrman, Superintendent

    Kimberly Jones, Administrative Assistant 



    Curriculum and Instruction:

    Melissa Hedt, Deputy Superintendent, 828-350-6130

    Sarah Cain, Executive Director of Exceptional Children and Federal Programs, 828-350-6193

    Laura Parks, Director of Secondary Education, 828-350-6114

    Matt Whiteside, Director of IT, 828-350-6153

    Ian Nelson, Director of Testing and Accountability, 828-350-6187

    Tanya Presha, Academic and Program Support Coordinator, 828-350-6168

    Dr. Ivry Cheeks, Director of CTE, 828-350-2605

    Tima Williams, Director of Social Emotional Learning, 828-350-2922

    Tracey Jenkins, Administrative Assistant, 828-350-6175


    Human Resources:

    Dr. Mark Dickerson, Assistant Superintendent, 828-350-6123

    Dr. Kimberly Dechant, Director of Recruitment and Induction, 828.350.6140

    Angela Franklin, Human Resources Specialist, 828.350.6137

    Lisa Bishop, Human Resources Legal/Risk Management Specialist, 828.350.6138

    Wendy Hensley, Human Resources Personnel Specialist, 828.350.6136



    Georgia Harvey, Chief Finance Officer, 828-350-6104

    Sarah Banks, Assistant Finance Officer, 828-350-6158

    Becky Harris, Payroll Manager, 828-350-6102

    Christy House, Financial Services Manager, 828-350-6142

    Lynn House, Accounts Payable, 828-350-6105

    Chris Pohlman, Purchasing Clerk, 828-350-6101

    Babette Slocum, Benefits Specialist, 828-350-6157


    Student Services:

    Kim Robinson, Acting Executive Director of Student Services

    Allana Wagner-Robinson, Student Services Administrative Specialist, 828.350.6164  (fax) 828.251.4942



    Marta Alcalá, Executive Director of Equity, 828-350-6162


    District Operations:

    April Dockery, Executive Director of Operations, 828-350-6150

     Public Information Officer, 828-350-6119

    Amanda Rigsby, Transportation Coordinator, 828-350-6913

    Walter Dove, Director of Safety, 828-350-6169

    Melissa Bates, Director of Child Nutrition, 828-350-6110

    Tim Shelton, Director of Maintenance