• Attention Parents:  How does less paperwork in the first week of school sound?  Well, Asheville City Schools is excited to introduce an online system for families to update student information and sign forms electronically each year. We are calling this process the Annual Student Information Update in PowerSchool.

    Families will have the opportunity to complete the Annual Student Information Update in PowerSchool for the 2020-2021 school-year this spring.  In fact, our window for the 2020-2021 school year opens March 9th and closes April 30th.

    We will start with a limited set of student information and permission forms, such as emergency contact information, transportation requests, the Code of Student Conduct Contract, the Bus Rules & Regulations Contract, the FERPA notification, the Media Release notification, Middle and High School Laptop Agreements as well as the Military Recruiter Opt-Out notification. 

  • Wondering how it will work?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below: 


    Q: How do I log in to complete the Annual Student Information Update forms?

    A: The system is part of the Parent Portal in PowerSchool. If you already have a Parent Portal account just log in at the Parent Portal Sign In page


    Q: How do I set up my account in Parent Portal?

    A: Go to the ACS Parent Portal Registration page to complete the registration process. Make sure you have the Access ID and Access password for each of your children. 


    Q: How do I find my Access ID and Access Password? 

    A:  The Access IDs and Access Passwords are found on the Parent Portal letter and email you should have received from your child’s school. Each child has a unique Access ID and Access Password. If you don’t have an Access ID or Access Password, please call your child’s school for assistance. 


    Q: I’m in Parent Portal, where are the forms for the Annual Student Information Update? 

    A: The link is on the left navigation, labeled “Annual Student Information Update”.


    Q: How do I complete the online forms if I don’t have Internet access?

    A: All our schools and the Central Office have a computer you can use. Ask for help in the front office of any school and we’ll be happy to assist.


    Q: What are the benefits of using Parent Portal to update information?

    A: The middle and high school laptop agreement in part of the update. When you complete the update you are giving the school permission to issue a laptop to your child. The transportation form is included as well, so completing the form is how you request transportation. And in general, this is the most efficient method to collect accurate information about your child.


    Q: Do I have to answer every question?

    A: Many questions are required. You must answer the required questions. You can tell a question is required as there will be an asterisk * at the end of all required questions. 


    Q: I completed all the forms, but the system won’t let me sign and finish. What do I do?

    A: You may have missed a required question somewhere along the way. Carefully click through the screens to find the missing item. Required items that were skipped will have a red outline when you return.


    Q: How are siblings handled? I have three students, do I have to do everything 3 times?

    A: When you set up your Parent Portal account you can join siblings if you have the Access ID and Password for each child. You can add a sibling within Parent Portal if you already have an account for one student, in the Account Preferences page, Students tab. Joining siblings allows some information to be copied between your children, reducing data entry. Complete one child, then the next will be quicker. Many of the permission forms are needed for each student. 


    Q: What if I make a mistake?

    A: Once you sign and complete the forms you will have to call the school to have information changed. 


    Q: What do I do if I need help?

    A: Call the school.


    Q: The PowerSchool website is down. What do I do?

    A: PowerSchool goes down for maintenance over the weekend a few times a year. Try again in a few days. If it is still down, contact the school.