• Welcome Back to SILSA and Your Junior/Senior Year!

    We wanted to provide you some initial information for the coming year. 

     Helpful Hints for the First Day and Week (and beyond) - 

    1. We know the start of this year will be a little overwhelming. Please have patience and trust in us. We know you are doing your best as well to adjust to the demands of online learning, AP classes, and college coursework.
    2. We will be regularly touching base with you, but please communicate with us as soon as possible if an issue arises. It is easier to solve problems when they first appear and will be less stressful in the long run.
    3. Don’t give up. There will be time built into your days and weeks for us to be helping you move forward, but keep pushing yourself to learn new ways to juggle your responsibilities and manage your time.
    4. Please start now getting in the habit of checking your school email once a day. There will be a lot of information coming your way throughout the year. This is a basic professional and scholarly expectation.
    5. Please be flexible with us as we are also learning the best ways to support you this year. Know that we will always be fair to you, but you must be willing to extend this courtesy to us as well.


    The First Two Useful Links for Students 


    • Student Information Form - Please complete this form as soon as possible. It may be helpful to have a parent/guardian nearby for the first section. Completing this form will be one of your first assignments for your classes, so feel free to complete early to have one less assignment next week.



    The First Two Useful Links for Parents/Guardians

    • How to Get on Powerschool & How to Create an Observer Account on Canvas for Parents/Guardians
      • To create a Powerschool account, you will need the unique code that is being sent in the mail with your student’s schedule. Please hold onto that.
      • To create a Canvas account, scroll to the bottom of the linked page (below the Powerschool information) and follow the step-by-step slides. You will need Canvas information from your student.
    • Parent/Guardian Form - We would love feedback from you. Please complete this form as soon as it is convenient. We will be resending this form the first week of school if you are not able to complete it this week.

    Your 11th/12th Grade SILSA Faculty:

    Polk Deters


    Honors Earth & Environmental Science

    AP Environmental Science

    AP Biology


    Tina Harris


    Math III

    Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science




    Kevin Norris


    Survivor, AP Literature and Composition, and Honors Senior English


    Stephanie Reagan


    American History I and American HIstory II


    Genevieve Roman


    Survivor, AVID 9, Honors English III, and AP English Language & Composition