• Salary Schedules

    Licensed State Salary Schedules:

    Note about Master's Level Pay or higher: Teachers and Instructional Support personnel who complete a degree at the Master's Level must have completed at least one course prior to August 1, 2013, or be in a position that requires a Master's Degree in order to be paid Masters Level Pay, once NCDPI Licensure approves. The Master’s or higher degree is in an education or subject area directly related to an existing area of licensure and current teaching assignment or instructional support responsibilities.

    Note about National Board Pay: Media Coordinators, School Counselors, Career Development Coordinators, and Instructional Coaches at Title I Schools: These individuals must have a clear license (in media, guidance, CDC, or be in an instructional coach assignment), and work 70% of their time in these specific areas. Provisionally licensed individuals are not eligible for NBPTS differential pay.

    Local Supplement

    Asheville City Schools is proud to provide a local supplement for ALL of our employees! The supplement is based on North Carolina State years of service and is paid out in a lump sum every year in May. 

    Local Supplement Schedule:

    • 0-4 years of NC state service: 11%
    • 5-9 years of NC state service: 11.50%
    • 10-19 years of NC state service: 12%
    • 20+ years of NC state service: 18.50%

    ACS Salary Schedules