• About Ira B. Jones Elementary School


    By providing access to educational opportunities for all Ira B. Jones students, our mission is to empower students to become independent learners who seek solutions to problems so they can fully participate as global citizens.


    At Ira B. Jones, our vision is a learning community that…

    …Embeds social-emotional learning across content areas

    …Develops relationships and ongoing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and other agencies to meet the needs of students

    …Makes decisions grounded in data to support instruction that meets individual student needs

    … Identifies ways to build and strengthen a student's ability to think, plan, question, problem solve, self-monitor, and assess.

    …Develops students who understand themselves and their role within their local and global communities

    …Develops school-wide expectations for parent communication and has professional development on effective and varied school-based communication tools

    …Works to strengthen socioemotional and behavioral practices and supports