• The Counseling Program


    The school counseling program at Isaac Dickson is designed to be proactive and assist in meeting the personal/social, academic, and developmental needs of ALL students.  

    School counselors work with students in many settings.  I work with all students during classroom guidance lessons.  These developmentally appropriate lessons focus on friendship, bullying, conflict resolution, problem solving, social skills, personal safety, and exploring feelings.  Small group counseling is a great way for students to build relationships and get extra help with topics like friendship, study skills, family transitions, or grief.  Groups are offered throughout the year.  If students are struggling with a problem at home or at school, they may see me to problem solve and explore feelings.  If a student needs ongoing counseling, I can make a referral to an outside therapist or agency.  Our school has a school-based therapist, Ms. Caitlyn, who can see students ongoing.   

    I work closely with parents and teachers to help support students through SST (the student support team).  I am also the 504 coordinator.   If a child is struggling academically or emotionally, I can help or find someone who can help!

    Students may be referred to me by teachers or parents.  Students may also request to see me.  A great way for students to reach out is to write a note or find me near the front office in the mornings.  I can help students explore feelings and deal with concerns at home or school.  

    I look forward to working with you!  Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns.