• Core Practices of Experiential Learning at IDES

    1. The work of teachers and learners is characterized by learner choice, design, and revision.
    2. The role of the teacher is that of facilitator and collaborator.
    3. The academic integrity of the work teachers and learners do together is clear.
    4. Work is characterized by active learning.
    5. New activities spiral out of the old, incorporating prior knowledge and building on skills and understandings that can be amplified.
    6. Peer teaching, small group work, and teamwork are consistent features of classroom activity.
    7. Connections between the classroom, the community, and the world are clear.
    8. There is an audience beyond the teacher for learner work.
    9. Imagination and creativity are encouraged.
    10. Reflection is an essential activity that takes place at key points in teaching and learning.
    11. The work teachers and learners do together includes rigorous, ongoing assessment, and evaluation.

    View a PDF for detailed descriptions of each correlate.