New Hire Forms

New Hire Forms Checklist

  • Welcome to Asheville City Schools!

    As a new employee, you will need to complete a new hire packet. Please fill out all the forms listed, print and bring the completed documents with you to your sign-up session.

    If you have children please arrange for childcare for that day. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Hensley, Benefits Specialist, at (828)-350-6164 or email 

    Below is a checklist with everything you will need to bring with you to the signup session:

    ___ Valid driver’s license, or picture ID card

    ___ Social security card (preferred) or a valid U.S Passport.

    ___ Work authorization document (if applicable)

    ___ Please bring a voided check for direct deposit (mandatory)

    ___ Sign-up sheet

    ___ W-4 federal tax form

    ___ Worksheet instructions for the NC-4 tax form; you have two options choose either the regular tax form or the EZ form

    ___ NC-4 state tax form

    ___ NC-4 EZ state tax form

    ___ Employee manual acknowledgment form

    ___ Employment eligibility verification form (I-9 form)

    ___ Employer or authorized representative and verification (I-9 page 2)

    ___ IT RUA form Responsible use of technology and internet safety agreement

    ___ ESRR Retirement re-employment form (must be completed by new employee)

    ___ Direct deposit form (mandatory please attach a check that can be voided)

    ___ ACS release form – signature page

    ___ Health examination form (will need to be completed by a Physician within 30 Days)

    ___ State Aggregate Form (If applicable)