About Lucy S. Herring Elementary School

  • Lucy S. Herring Mission Statement

    Lucy S. Herring Elementary School is a collaborative community that values diversity and fosters responsibility, individual excellence and environmental stewardship.

    Lucy S. Herring Magnet Theme

    Lucy S. Herring Elementary School of Ecology focuses on the study of people and their relationship with the natural environment. 

    Teaching and Learning at Lucy S. Herring

    Students at Lucy S. Herring explore all subject areas through hands on activities and discover the importance of civic responsibility to make a difference in the community and the world. Instruction is based on the Common Core Curriculum and the NC Essential Standards. Students engage in art, music, Spanish, media, and physical education classes which integrate with classroom subject areas. Our media and digital learning programs serve students and teachers through flexible scheduling that supports student achievement and collaboration with classroom teachers. Students at Vance have access to technology in every classroom. We have a very active and supportive Parent Team at Lucy S. Herring. We are also fortunate to have several community outreach partnerships including FEAST, Roots Foundation, Let Me Run, Girls on the Run and Youth Transformed for Life. Lucy S. Herring Elementary promotes a positive school climate and increased academic performance through Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS).