• Counseling/Mental Health/Emergency Resources

    *Because we are often away from our desks, around campus, in classrooms, and assisting students, email is our preferred contact method. Please note that emails are not monitored after school hours, on weekends, or during holiday breaks. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency and need immediate assistance outside of school hours, please dial 911, contact Mobile Crisis at 1-888-573-1006, or visit the C3356 Comprehensive Care Center at 356 Biltmore Ave Asheville*


    Anonymous Reporting
    Say Something. Anonymous Reporting System. Saysomething.net  SaySomething.net: Anonymous reporting system. See it. Report it. Say Something Anonymous Reporting System allows you to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene upon at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others. 

    National Suicide Prevention 24/7
    Call or Text 988 as an easy-to-remember three-digit dialing code
    for suicide prevention and mental health crises.  

    Seeing Your Counselor: Non-Emergency Situation
    Students, if you need to speak to a Counselor and it is not an emergency (something you want to talk about and could be discussed within the next couple of days), please email your counselor to schedule a meeting.

    Seeing Your Counselor: Emergency Situation
    During school, if you are experiencing an emergency (you or someone you know is in danger or you have an urgent need that cannot wait), please come to Counseling or tell a teacher, school staff member, or trusted adult immediately.

    Student Emergency Resources
    School Counselors, School Social Workers, and Social/Emotional Support Specialists are here to assist students with counseling or mental health needs, as well as connect students and families to resources in our community (including mental health referrals for outpatient therapy). Please email your child's Counselor to inquire about any of these services or to request help.

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