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Asheville Primary Educational Opportunities for 2019-2020 School Year

As Western North Carolina’s first public Montessori School, Asheville Primary School will continue its early childhood focus for the 2019-2020 School Year.


    Montessori is an innovative, child-centered approach to education, developed a century ago by Maria Montessori.  The goal of Montessori education is to foster a child’s natural inclination to learn with key hallmarks like uninterrupted blocks of work time, guided choice of work activity and multi-age groupings.


    Classrooms span beyond just one grade level, allowing older students to develop leadership skills and their younger classmates to learn not only from the teacher but their peers.


    Asheville Primary School is currently home to three Early Childhood Montessori Classrooms made up of Preschoolers and Kindergartners as well as three Lower Elementary Montessori Classrooms of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Graders.


    In 2019-2020, the campus will add two classrooms, and its campus will continue its Pre-K thru 3rd Grade model.


    Asheville Primary’s capacity is based on teacher allotment and the number of available classrooms. Currently, the school adequately accommodates the number of students the building can hold. Seventy-seven students are enrolled in Asheville Primary School, while the campus also serves 138 PK3 and PK4 students.


    In addition to housing Asheville Primary School, its current location of 441 Haywood Road too holds seven preschool classrooms.  The Preschool Program at Asheville Primary School is open 10 hours per day, 12 months of the year.


    There are three additional Pre-Kindergarten classrooms throughout the district with one each respectively at Ira B. Jones Elementary School, Hall Fletcher Elementary School and Isaac Dickson Elementary School.  There is also a partnership with the Christine Avery Learning Center at Hill Street Baptist Church.


    Both Asheville Primary School and the Preschool Program pride themselves on their ability to prepare students to become lifelong learners.