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Asheville City Schools' Curriculum Conference

Asheville City Schools kicked off the 2019-2020 School Year by welcoming each and every staff member to its Curriculum Conference held Wednesday, August 14th in the auditorium on Asheville High School/SILSA’s campus.

In addition to hearing from Board Chair Shaunda Sandford, Asheville City Schools staff members were treated to Dr. Bobbie Short’s Superintendent Updates.

Dr. Short explained that Asheville City Schools staff have many opportunities as we begin the new school year.

“First and foremost, all that we do as a team will be geared toward positive growth for all students,” she said. And, “our most important opportunity before us is building relationships. We will care for each other, be good listeners and work together with the best interests of all our students at heart while taking positive action to ensure their success.”

Following Dr. Short, Asheville City Schools’ District Teacher of Year, Marti Sullivan, gave the keynote address.

“The experiences we’ve shared have shaped me,” said Sullivan. “Working in this profession has afforded me the opportunity to work alongside the most dedicated, hardworking, genuine, funny, passionate and caring humans I have ever known.”

Sullivan discussed “things good educators know are true, which research backs up, and most importantly students prove are meaningful when they have positive experiences in our teaching spaces.”

She explained that, first and foremost, being an educator is all about relationships. “It’s about being the kind of person you would want to be around and learn from,” she said. Additionally, being an effective educator involves continual self-reflection and awareness as well as being passionate about what you do and how you do it. “It means being willing to change things that aren’t working as well as practicing self-care,” she added.

Just in time for August 19th, our staff can't wait to put Marti Sullivan’s inspiring words into action as we continue to build positive relationships with our students and their families during the 2019-2020 School Year!

Following Sullivan’s speech, ACS staff members chose from 139 professional development sessions led by 90 of our own very talented educators. With sessions ranging from Developing Growth Mindsets to Support Student Success and Mindfulness in the Body to Adding Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Tools to Any Classroom as well as Making Culturally Responsive Teaching a Reality in the Classroom, the Curriculum and Instruction staff ensured there were offerings that sparked each staff members interests and added yet another instrument to their teaching tool belt.

Plus, staff were treated to $2500 worth of door prizes donated from local businesses, a wellness area sponsored by the Asheville City Schools Foundation and even food trucks for quick, lunch-time offerings.