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Lauren Evans Named ACS's Principal of the Year

Talk about a surprise announcement! Asheville Primary School’s Lauren Evans was in the midst of a meeting when Assistant Principal Dr. Ivry Cheeks said she needed to immediately report to the cafeteria. After running down their stairs, Evans was greeted by an entourage of guests, including Interim Superintendent Dr. Bobbie Short, the district’s Leadership Team, APS students as well as her parents, partner and children.

As for why the unannounced visit? Evans had been selected as the district’s 2020 Principal of the Year!

“It was good that it was a surprise because if it wasn’t then I would have been really nervous,” said Evans. “I got to have a really authentic moment of joy. I got to see my parents here, and what a blessing to have my students and my partner here at the same time. How fortunate is it that all these different parts of my life came together for a really special moment?”

After receiving the title of Principal of the Year, Evans immediately turned to her students and staff members explaining “it goes without saying that the only reason I’m here today is because of everyone in this room…it’s your greatness that makes this school so wonderful every day.”

Evans then took apart the bouquet of flowers she received, handing each stem to one of her student as a sign of thanks for their continued love and support.

“It would be unfair to say that any progress we’ve made as a school could be contributed to a single person,” said Evans. “It’s the fact that everyone has made a decision to come together as a unit and decide to put children first and celebrate the experience of every child. To do anything otherwise would be disingenuous.”

This is Evans’ second year as Asheville Primary School’s principal. Prior to her current role, she was a Special Education Teacher at Isaac Dickson Elementary School and Assistant Principal of Vance Elementary School.

A true student-first educator, she is most certainly deserving of the title of Asheville City Schools’ Principal of the Year!