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Asheville City Schools' 2021-2022 Calendar Remaining As Is

On behalf of the Asheville City Board of Education and our Superintendent, Dr. Gene Freeman, I wanted to let you know that Asheville City Schools’ 2021-2022 calendar will remain as is.  Regardless of whether or not optional state legislation comes from the General Assembly, we will NOT be amending our start date.  Asheville City Schools’ first day for the upcoming year will remain Monday, August 23rd. 

We appreciate the more than 800 families, staff and community members who shared their feedback.  

After hearing from you, we know that our Cougar Community has already made plans for their time away with the anticipated start date of August 23rd.  Therefore, we will keep our school calendar as it was approved on March 22, 2021. 

Thank you for your continued support of Asheville City Schools.