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The Asheville City Board of Education Wants to Hear From YOU!

Good Afternoon Asheville City Schools Students, Staff and Families.  This is James Carter, Chairman of the Asheville City Board of Education.  On behalf of myself and fellow Board Members, I’d like to provide you with an update about Asheville Primary School.  

In May 2021, the Asheville City Board of Education said Asheville Primary WILL continue as a school, will NOT lose its school number, WILL have open enrollment for new students and WILL be expanding to the 5th Grade next school year.  We also said that we would revisit the issue of the location of Asheville Primary School for the 2022-23 school year.

Therefore, please know the Board will be addressing the school site during our December 6th Work Session.  Then, during their December 13th Regular Meeting, we’ll vote on the physical location of Asheville Primary School for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond.  This decision will also impact the location of four preschool classrooms currently based on the Asheville Primary campus. 

Knowing the extensive capital improvements needed to 441 Haywood Road and the complex financial situation the district is facing, the Board would like to hear your thoughts and ideas specifically about the relocation of Asheville Primary School.  

Therefore, between now and Thursday, December 2nd, all Asheville City Schools students, staff and families are encouraged to share their feedback by completing this form.  Creating one centralized location to collect feedback ensures all thoughts will be heard by all Board Members.  

Our Communications Department will share all feedback collected through this form with the Board during our December 6th Work Session.  And, following the meeting, an analysis of the results will be shared with staff and families as part of the December 6th Board Brief.  

In addition to sharing your thoughts through this form, I’d also like to remind students, staff, families and community members that they have the chance to make public comments both virtually and in person during the December 13th Regular Meeting.  Public comment will be held before the Board votes on Asheville Primary’s physical location moving forward.