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From the Board Chair: An Update About our Middle School Communities

Good Afternoon Students, Staff and Families.  This is James Carter, Chairman of the Asheville City Board of Education.  On behalf of myself and fellow Board Members, I’d like to provide you with an update about our middle school communities.

We’re fortunate to have two great middle school offerings within the district, and the Board fully intends to continue to provide our families with a choice about where their 6th, 7th or 8th Grader goes to school. 

We are NOT consolidating Asheville Middle School and Montford North Star Academy.  In fact, the Asheville City Board of Education is NOT consolidating any schools, which is defined as the process of dissolving or reorganizing one or more schools/school districts into one new unit.  Any such decision about school consolidation can only be made by the Board.  Asheville City Schools will continue to be made up of 10 schools next year. 

I’m not sure where comments to the contrary originated, but such hearsay is completely false.  

As a Board, one of our top priorities is making sure you have accurate information about what’s going on across the district.  So, if at any time you have a concern about something you’re hearing, please continue to reach out to one of us.  We appreciate listening to our students, staff, families and greater school community as well as clarifying any questions you may have.  Our contact information is always on the district website and can also be found below: 

  • - (828) 301-2894
  • - (828) 279-1197
  • - (828) 713-2083
  • - (828) 273-9445
  • - (828) 279-7649

Thank you for your continued support and for entrusting our district to educate your child.  It’s a privilege that we don’t take lightly.