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A Message from Members of the Asheville City Board of Education

December 17, 2021

Asheville City Schools has a decades-long and valued partnership with The Asheville City Schools Foundation. From teacher grants and artist residencies to middle-school afterschool to high school internships and college scholarships, ACSF funds holistic programming for all students at all schools – kindergarten through high school and into college. In Real Life, the ACSF after-school program, provides varied and valuable educational and enrichment activities, eliminating historical barriers to access (like cost and transportation). ACSF scholarships, which fill a gap left by most merit-based scholarships, are 100% need-based. The ACSF-funded Racial Equity Ambassador Program (REAP) at AHS/SILSA centers traditionally-marginalized voices by supporting a diverse group of 34 students in creating a more culturally responsive culture within their schools. Black Educators Excellence program offers robust support for current Black staff and supports an innovative recruitment effort of BIPOC professionals. We believe that this district is better, stronger, and more inclusive because of ACSF’s unwavering advocacy for all the students we serve. 

We feel strongly that divisive and defamatory rhetoric on social media stymies efforts to transform our district into a thriving place for all our students, as well as all the dedicated professionals who work with them, including community organizations like the Asheville City Schools Foundation. We stand in full support of ACSF and ask that you continue to support the inestimable work of the Foundation through your treasure, talent and time.

We are anxious to continue the Board’s work in January, where we will be engaging in discussion and learning around the district’s desegregation order, and around a strategic plan, and around other budget initiatives that center our children. We look forward to having committed stakeholders, individuals and organizations, around the table with us in that work.