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ACS teachers headed to Australia with the group Go Global NC

Congratulations to Isaac Dickson Elementary teacher Ms. Kanelos and Asheville High School teacher Ms. Williams! They are both headed to Australia this summer with the group Go Global NC.
The program “down under” offers the opportunity for educators to explore a country that is diverse in many ways – culture, population, climate, geography, and history. They will network and collaborate with other program participants to develop ways to implement global perspectives and global education into their classrooms.
The goals of this trip:
1. Learn about Australia’s unique history, culture, and physical environment
2. Explore native peoples’ rights by comparing and contrasting the experiences of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and our own Native American populations
3. Study the impact of a warming sea on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Australian government’s response
4. Experience Australia’s approach to rural education, gaining insight into how Australia provides high-quality education to students who live great distances from the nearest town
We can’t wait to hear about their experience!